Fox Chase HOA

Covenants Inspections

Homes located in Fox Chase are subject to the FCHOA Articles of Incorporation, Declaration and Bylaws, and Community Guidelines. These documents, known collectively as the community's covenants, outline how the community is run. Upon purchasing a home in Fox Chase owners agree to abide by these documents and the rules set forth within them. Residents are encouraged to read through these items and retain a copy for future reference.

The Architectural Review Committee of the FCHOA is tasked with ensuring compliance to the community standards. Inspections are performed throughout the year, and any homes found to be in violation are issued a Notice of Non-Compliance. For more information on architectural guidelines, consult the Architectural Guidelines and Architectural Board Rules (2008).


The Architectural Review Committee performs Annual Inspections beginning in March and continuing through the fall. These inspections help improve on the enforcement of the covenants, and are key to maintaining property values and keeping Fox Chase a pleasant and beautiful neighborhood for all to enjoy. During Annual Inspections, each home in the community is evaluated. If necessary, a Notice of Non-Compliance is sent to the home following the inspection. Most common violations can be addressed prior to Annual Inspections to prevent receiving a Notice of Non-Compliance, including:


Disclosure (or resale) inspections are performed when homes are being processed for sale. The entire home is inspected and any violations are noted on the Disclosure Package provided.