Fox Chase HOA

Calendar of Events - as of 1/11/2020



January 11th

Snow Date: 25th

Annual Homeowners Meeting (Everyone)
Location: Pool House

The Annual Homeowners Association (HOA) Meeting will be held at the pool house on January 11th at the pool house.  Please be sure that a representative from your home/lot attends.


We would also like to remind everyone that all of our positions for both the board and committees are volunteers who live in our neighborhood.  We are not currently run by an association management company, which has helped to keep costs down.  If no one volunteers, we are required to employ a management company to run our HOA, which would cause our dues to increase drastically.


Board of Directors - new members can be added to the ballot before and/or during the meeting.  Our board must have a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 9 members according to the Covenants.  We welcome new members to join and add their voice to the discussions.  Meetings are once a month during the week around 6:30pm at the pool house and last about an hour.  If you are interested, please email


Grounds & Maintenance – We need some volunteers to help search for a contractor for landscaping maintenance of the front entrance, etc.  We also need someone to lead our spring and fall community clean up days by selecting the date and tasks that need to be done (volunteers will help to complete the tasks).  The website committee takes care of finding volunteers to mow the amenities property.  There are no meetings for this committee at this time.


Amenities/Pool – We need a family (or two) that will help find a contractor that maintains the pool over the summer months.  The website committee takes care of finding volunteers to open and close the pool.  We also send out a community email to get volunteers to help set up and put away the furniture at the beginning and end of the season.  We also need a volunteer to take an inventory of our existing furniture and determine if we need any replacement items which can be purchased as the summer furniture appears at local stores.  There are no meetings for this committee at this time.


Architectural Review (ARC) - The ARC is responsible for reviewing submissions of all exterior changes to Fox Chase properties (based on the covenants) and notifying homeowners of covenant violations. There are 3 voting members on this committee (although more can join to help out), which are elected by the Board of Directors and are required to make a commitment to serve 2-3 years. One of those voting members acts as the Chair. If you would like to have a voice in keeping our community a desirable place to live, please sign up to serve. Your time spent serving is minimal but extremely important to help maintain our property values.


Social – We would like some volunteers to head up certain annual events: Easter Egg Hunt, summer block parties, etc.  If you have an idea for the community, please contact us and we will review your idea and let you run with it and the website committee will help to get the word out.  We do have a budget to help with expenses.


As you probably know, all Board Members, Committee Members, and others who help out are volunteers. We are the ones who mow the grass, clean the guardrails, take care of getting potholes in the road fixed, keep weeds out of the walking trails, fix broken fences, paint the sign posts, maintain and clean the toilets at the pool house, call the police when our shed or equipment is vandalized, and anything else that needs fixing or done to make sure this neighborhood remains a great place to live - the list is very long. Like you, we all have other jobs and responsibilities.  Please think about donating a few hours of your time to help keep our community great.


If you are unable to attend the meeting in person, please reply to this email to get more information about how you can help and you can assign your voting rights to another resident by using the proxy form on our website. Please note, only one vote per lot is allowed.

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January 25th

Book Club (everyone)

Hosted by: TBD

Fox Chase Book Club is a group of community members who decide on a book to read throughout a month, then gather to talk about the book. Book choices are proposed during book club. Using a poll placed on the Ladies of Fox Chase Facebook page, members of our community are able to vote on a book they would like to read. Those attending are encouraged to bring a beverage or snack to share during this time. Locations will vary each month. Watch Facebook or your email for location and book title updates.

Book: TBD

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