Fox Chase HOA

Property Improvements

In accordance with the FCHOA Articles of Incorporation, Declaration and Bylaws, and Community Guidelines, property owners desiring to add to and/or alter the exterior appearance of their home or lot must complete a Architectural Review Request Form. Any modification to the exterior of the home requires submittal of a Architectural Review Request Form, including but not limited to painting of doors, wood trim or shutters, addition of a deck, patio or shed and installation of a hot tub or play equipment. For a complete list of items requiring a Architectural Review Request Form, please consult the Architectural Guidelines and Architectural Board Rules (2008).

Architectural Review Requests are reviewed by the Architectural Review Committee each month. Completed forms that are submitted to the FCHOA address or email by 5 p.m. the day of the current meeting will be reviewed at the following meeting. Owners will be informed of the Architectural Review Committee's decision by email within five business days of the meeting. Owners may additionally contact the FCHOA Architectural Review Committee following the meeting for information on the committee's decision.

To be reviewed by the Architectural Review Committee, Forms must be submitted with all required information and signatures. A complete form includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Requests that do not include neighbor signatures (if applicable) or the appropriate documentation will be marked as incomplete and will not be forwarded to the Architectural Review Committee for review. Owners submitting an incomplete form will be notified by email.

Attendance at the Architectural Review Committee meeting is not required when submitting a form. Owners desiring to attend the meeting at which their request will be reviewed are welcome to do so and will be provided a brief speaking time.