Fox Chase HOA

Neighborhood Watch

What is the Role of the Community Neighborhood Watch?

Ask anyone whose home has been burglarized... the shock and helpless anger accompanying the discovery that an intruder has entered one's home will not be easily forgotten. The damage may be minimal or major, the losses slight or catastrophic. The incident may or may not have involved injury to a family member -- yet one hard fact remains: another statistic has been added to the ever growing list of burglarized homes. The burglar won again -- and has no doubt vanished in some cases, leaving no real clues to lead to his arrest.

Crime Reporting: Describing and Reporting of Events, Vehicle and Persons

Practicing to develop skills in providing quick, accurate descriptions is an excellent NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH meeting activity. In attempting to describe events, vehicles, or persons, write down the details of what you have observed while they are still fresh in your mind, do your descriptions to Sheriff's Office will be as accurate as possible.

Describing Events:

When describing events, write down as much detail:

Describing Vehicles:

When describing vehicles, write down as much detail:

Describing of Persons:

In preparing descriptions of persons, it is important to write down the following:

Recognizing Suspicious Activities

BE ALERT! Anything that seems slightly "out of place" or is occurring at an unusual time of day could be criminal activity. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO APPREHEND A PERSON COMMITTING A CRIME OR TO INVESTIGATE A SUSPICIOUS PERSON OR ACTIVITY. Call the Sheriff's Office immediately, and do not worry about being embarrassed if your suspicions prove to be unfounded. The Sheriff's Office would rather investigate than be called when it is too late.

The following incidents MAY indicate possible criminal activity and should be reported: •Continuous repair operations at a non-business location (stolen property being altered)

Time and accuracy are critical in reporting crime or suspicious events. Call 911 to report life-threatening incidents or a crime in progress, and use the Non Emergency Number 658-4400 for crimes that have already occurred. Your call could save a life, prevent an injury, or stop a crime. You do not have to give your name, although this is often helpful.

Reporting of Suspicious Persons

Obviously, not every stranger who comes into a neighborhood is a criminal. Legitimate door-to-door sales and repair people appear in residential areas frequently. Occasionally, however, criminals disguise themselves as these workers; therefore, it is important to be alert to the activities of all nonresidents.

The Sheriff's Office should be notified in the following circumstances, who MAY be suspects in the crimes indicated:

Reporting of Suspicious Vehicles

Vehicles in the following situations MAY be but not limited to, involved in crimes and should be reported to the Sheriff's Office.